About me

„Every plead, every embroidery is music to my eyes. It is the love of my life. Every detail is pure art to me.“

My first seam on a sewing machine was when I was twelve. My parents weren’t rich and I also want to have cool clothes like any other girls in my age. So, I’ve started experimenting and wanted to become a fashion designer when I was grown up. With sixteen I went, beside high-school, to the evening school to become a seamstress, with nineteen I had my diploma – but realized that I couldn’t work as seamstress.

At the moment I am studying Communication and Multimedia Design and am doing my practical semester in a company. The study-program is for multi-talents, it is a mixture between programming, design, communication, marketing, management and media-technology. Besides I am 24 years old and I was born in East-Belgium in the part of the German speaking minority.

What you’ll find on my blog

You will find entertaining stories behind my clothing, lifestyle, knowledge about fabrics, trends and a lot inspiration for yourself. I’ve always wondered why most fashion blogs only contain one side of the fashion industry. There is much more behind that and I want to bring this together and try to write my articles in English and German.

My first blog (7hundert) I started in 2012, afterwards I released unkonform a German magazine-blog about self-development, sustainability and philosophical questions. From time to time you can read some of my articles on editionf.